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The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter – the Office) has started issuing new passports from 12 February. They differ from the previous passports in that they have improved innovative anti-counterfeiting solutions based on the requirements of the Council Regulation on standards for security features and biometrics in passports and travel documents issued by Member States.

Innovative anti-counterfeiting solutions will ensure that passports are both tamper-proof and compliant with new levels of security.

“The new model passport is a hymn to the beautiful nature of Latvia. When travelling abroad with the new passport, each of us can take Latvian nature with us in the form of a safe, reliable passport,” says Maira Roze, the Head of the Office.

5. the design of the sample passport is based on Latvian nature in all seasons. This is the first Latvian passport to have a different design for each page, significantly increasing the level of security and making it more difficult to forge. The design elements of the new passport also include the symbols of the Republic of Latvia - the coat of arms, the flag of Latvia and the national anthem, with cranes as the unifying motif - as migratory birds that symbolise departure and repatriation. The passport depicts the geographical diversity of Latvia's nature, as well as 20 birds found in Latvian nature. The author of nature photographs is Andris Eglītis.

The new passport includes security features such as UV printing on the data sheet and on the first side of the page, a holographic strip, visa pages with coloured UV printing, an optically variable ink function printed as an oak leaf that appears in different colours, etc. New security features are also included: - a brightly coloured photograph and an image of the passport holder, accompanied by personal data, and - the passport holder's portrait engraved in a transparent window.

The new fee for issuing a passport is 34 EUR; the fee for issuing a passport in an accelerated procedure (within two working days) is 60 EUR instead of 55 EUR. When the new passport expires, citizens will be able to keep it, but in a perforated formThe Office reminds you that a passport of the previous model is valid if it has not expired and has not become unusable for any other reason - damage, change of data, etc.


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Publicity photo gallery of the new passports:

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