Cabinet of Ministers Order no. 103

The “Declaration of Emergency” states:

! If the identity document issued in the Republic of Latvia has expired, this identity document shall still be used to identify the person during the state of emergency. The Head of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs or an official authorized by him may make exceptions to the issuance of identity documents when required by an urgent need.

Foreigners residing lawfully in the Republic of Latvia until 13 March 2020 and whose legal residence period has expired after 13 March 2020 may continue to reside in the Republic of Latvia during the state of emergency without obtaining a new residence permit or visa and retaining the right to employment, if it is established by the said residence permit or visa.

! Foreigners wishing to continue to reside in the Republic of Latvia with a residence permit must submit the documents requesting or registering the residence permit electronically, confirming the application and the attached documents with a secure electronic signature or sending by post.