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Guidance for asylum seekers in Latvia

What the asylum seeker has to know? What are rights and obligations of the asylum seeker? What is procedure for requiring of asylum? 
Answers on these questions can be found in guidance for asylum seekers in Latvia.

You can use this guidance for acquiring the information about rights and obligations of the asylum seeker, as well as about: 

  • Accomodation of the asylum seeker; 
  • Organization of life in asylum seeker centre; 
  • Opportunities for education of under-aged asylum seekers; 
  • Rights for receipt of medical and legal services; 
  • Support of social worker and social mentor and their main tasks, and other important questions. 

Guidance is prepared in 12 languages: Arabic, Dari, Farsi, French, Latvian, Pashtu, Russian, Tigrayan, Kurdic, Georgian, Azerbaijanian. 

For additional questions related to asylum in Latvia, please contact in writting to e-mail:,