Ārzemnieka eID karti - angliski

Foreigner’s eID card is a personal identity document that will confirm the identity of its holder both, in presence as well as digital environment, and will facilitate economic activity of foreigners in Latvia.

The electronic identity tools integrated therein will provide a foreigner with a possibility to valuable operate in the electronic environment:

  • to use state and municipal e-services
  • to confirm his or her e-identity and electronically sign documents;
  • to receive and use e-address, in order to ensure communication with state and municipal authorities;
  • to conveniently approve his/her identity in presence, at institutions and companies, such as banks.

Unlike other types of personal identity cards, a foreigner’s eID card:

  • IS NOT a mandatory personal identity document (receiving of it is a voluntary choice of a person);
  • IS NOT a travel document (it will not confirm the right of stay of the person in Latvia).

What is a foreigner's eID card and how to apply for it - watch in our latest video.