Covid-19 News
Mutes un deguna aizsegs uz sarkanā fona

With the entry into force of the new rules of Covid-19 restrictive measures, many clients ask us whether they should still use a face mask when visiting the OCMA if they had Covid 19 in the past or have fully vaccinated.

We would like to inform you that in accordance with the current wording of Cabinet Regulation No. 360, both clients and employees of the Office MUST use a face mask pad and observe distance.

Sub-paragraph 4 of Cabinet Regulation 360.34 38.34 stipulates that "all persons who are at the place of the event or provision of services shall use face  masks". The exception to the possibility of not using mouth and nose pads is for cases where only vaccinated or diseased persons are present together. OCMA is responsible for serving all customers, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated. On-site services are provided to all customers without exception, provided that customers use face masks when receiving the service.

Let us be responsible and in solidarity with each other!