Covid-19 News
Klientu apkalpošanas speciālists ar uzvilktu mutes un deguna aizsegu un mapi rokās sagaida apmeklētājus pie Pārvades nodaļas ieejas durvīm

Dear clients,

from today, February 3, when visiting public service places, including the OCMA divisions, face shield must be used only together with medical or non-medical (hygienic or cloth) face masks (amendments to Cabinet Regulation No. 360 of 9 June 2020 "Epidemiological precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection").

To protect yourself and others from getting Covid-19, people will only be allowed to use face shields with a face mask in the future. This is particularly important at a time when a new, more contagious form of the virus is spreading in society.