The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter - the Office) reminds that on 3 January 2024 the permanent residence permits of the citizens of the Russian Federation will become void, if the citizens of the Russian Federation, who are subject to amendments to the Immigration Law, would not have submitted an application for requesting a status of a permanent inhabitant of the European Union until 31 December 2023.

It is important to observe that this deadline for submission of documents refers ONLY to persons who have repeatedly passed the official language examination until 30 November. In case if the official language examination is not successfully passed, the Office especially emphasizes the need to apply for a permit until 31 December of the current year that would enable to stay in Latvia for two years in order not to terminate the provision of social and health care services and further stay in Latvia would not become illegal.

The Office emphasizes in particular that the permanent residence permit will become void as of 3 January 2024 also in the case if the citizen of the Russian Federation would have submitted an application for requesting a residence permit of another type. In such case the person will be able to continue to stay in the Republic of Latvia until adoption of the final decision about the residence permit, but considering the fact that a residence permit card, which is expired, could not be used for travel, as well as receipt of social and health care services could be difficult.   

More detailed information about amendments to the Immigration Law and exceptions with regard to certain groups of persons determined for official language examination is available on the website of the Office www.pmlp.gov.lv in the section “Updated information on amendments to the Immigration Law”.

Additional information/ consultation about the further process and/or submission of documents can be obtained by writing an e-mail letter to the address mn@pmlp.gov.lv or calling to the informative phone of the Office 67209400.

Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

Personnel Management and Public Relations Department

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