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Yesterday, on 4 January, Aluksne Municipal Council took a decision during the emergency meeting to transfer for a time period of four years to the Employment State Agency for use without a consideration a part from the municipal property - the building, auxiliary building of the former boarding-school and part of the land plot in the area of 0.66 ha.

Considering the geopolitical challenges across the whole world t hat could result in the increase of the number of asylum seekers, it is planned to establish in Liepna Rural Territory Boarding School a branch of the asylum seekers accommodation centre (hereinafter - ASAC) with accommodation capacity up to 250 persons, the operation of which will be administered by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter - the Office).

In order to ensure successful operation of the branch, the Office will look for support staff - drivers, 24/7 persons on duty and additional support staff - among local inhabitants, thus giving a contribution to economics of Aluksne municipality.

It is planned that until the end of this year the building will be adapted to the needs of the branch of the asylum seekers accommodation centre, the necessary technical improvements and improvement works will be performed by using the funding of the European Union funds in the amount of approximately 700 thousand euros.

The same as the ASAC Mucenieki, also the new asylum seekers accommodation branch will be fenced and guarded during the whole day-and-night. In case of need the Office will cooperate with the State Police in order to maintain public order.

The Office plans to use the building of Liepna Boarding-School in the case if the accommodation capacity of the ASAC Mucenieki will be exceeded.

Information is prepared by:

OCMA Personnel Management and Public Relations Department, 67219561