News PMLP30
Patvērumu meklētāju centra “Mucenieki” ēka

In the series of articles on the asylum affairs, we cannot help but to tell about the accommodation services offered by the “Mucenieki” asylum centre.

Read and find out:

  • How do asylum seekers live?

  • What services are available to them?

  • What are the responsibilities of the staff of the “Mucenieki” accommodation centre?

Daily life of the centre

The accommodation centre for asylum seekers “Mucenieki” has 14 employees. They deal with the asylum seeker's residence problems and carry out a wide range of responsibilities:

  • Receive, register, accommodate asylum seekers;

  • Show the room and kitchen;

  • Issue a set of bed linen, a set of dishes and items necessary for special needs;

  • Accept and register applications for education for minor children of asylum seekers;

  • Pay for food and daily allowance.

The following services are available in “Mucenieki”:

  • Library;

  • Recreation area;

  • Kitchens and cooking utensils;

  • Wi-Fi and computerised classroom with Internet connection;

  • Indoor play corner and children's playground;

  • Laundry;

  • Gym.

Asylum seekers can also receive medical services - advice of a general practitioner, nurse and psychologist, as well as medication.

“Bundulīši” is proud of its multifunctional centre

The new building of the Asylum Centre, called "Bundulīši", has living rooms, shared kitchens and classrooms.

“Bundulīši” has comfortable accommodation for asylum seekers and the multifunctional centre, where interest group meetings, sports and other activities take place, which are actively attended by asylum seekers.