News PMLP30
Text on bright blue bacjground: "Use pre-appointment app!"

We invite clients to apply for a visit to Riga 2nd division remotely via previous appointment tool
Use the opportunity to make a pre-appointment at Riga 2nd division using the application.

Pre-appointment can be made both from the OCMA website and using a smartphone. App Qticket can be downloaded via Google Play or via App store.

It is possible to apply for 3 face-to-face services in Riga 2nd division:

  1. Passports, eID, card for residence permits issuance (photo, biometric data) or making entries in already issued passport;
  2. Receiving a passport, eID card or renew PIN / PUK codes on already issued eID card;
  3. Receiving a residence permit (eID card).

A reminder about applied service will be sent to the e-mail or to the application twice - one week and one day before the visit.