News PMLP30
Atvērta grāmata "Patvēruma likuma komentāri"

We continue to talk about the asylum field. This week we will share 3 facts about the ASAC “Mucenieki”.

The Refugee Affairs Centre was established in 1997, which was one of the structural units of the Office. After a year, already in January 1998, the asylum seekers accommodations centre “Mucenieki” was opened in Ropazi region.

  1. The newly opened asylum seekers centre admitted and accommodated the first asylum seekers in the end of 1998.

  2. It was established in Ropazi region, Mucenieki, 17 kilometres from Riga, in the former Soviet Army military base. The key task of it was and currently is - to provide asylum seekers with a dwelling during the time, while experts of the Office examine their cases and make a decision regarding the international protection status.

  3. It is important to mention that up to 450 persons can be accommodated at the same time in the centre and it has accommodated the asylum seekers from different countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Belarus, Iraq, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Congo (Zaire), Russia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Syria and Eritrea.