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Public law legal person
Private law legal person
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Receiving restrictions

On the basis of substantiated submissions can be purchased by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs personal identity number correctness checks the module that enables the user to verify or personal identity number is syntactically correct. During the investigation of the Register of Natural Persons or data validation is not specified personal identity number is relevant. Module integrates the separate programming environments (currently, JavaScript and .NET).

Price of the service: 253.68 euros (MK No. 562, Article 8)

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Restricted access information shall be provided on the basis of a motivated written request, which shows the necessity to receive the information and news of the use of the legal framework for the purpose for which information will be used. The applicant is required for the Data State Inspectorate. The message recipient shall undertake to use this information only in conformity with the objective of the requested and within their competence.
    Register of Natural Persons personal identity number correctness checks on the issue of the standard software (one module) – EUR 199,77
    Interinstitutional cooperation is entirely free of charge, if it is necessary to perform its tasks and external regulatory enactment specifies otherwise.

  2. Receipt of services
    When you receive a software module for legal persons shall be presented to an authorisation issued by the representative of the legal person and personal identification document – Passport. State and self-government institutions shall be submitted by the staff member shall be presented to the head of the letter and personal identification document – Passport.