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The service provides an opportunity for a voter who will stay in a foreign state in the elections announced and not yet in the Republic of Latvia to apply for a vote by post.
A voter can apply for a vote by mail 70 days before Election Day, but no later than 42 days before Election Day.

Process description

  1. Service Offices
    When using an application to vote by mail, the voter shall indicate the e-mail address in the e-service or, if the voter has an enabled official electronic address account, the voter shall, in the e-service, mark the receipt of voting materials using the official electronic address.

    As a result of the execution of the e-service, the Voters Register will be marked for voter registration to participate in the relevant elections, for postal votes.

  2. Receipt of services
    The Central Election Commission will send information to the voter at the email address or official electronic address indicated in the application with the website address at which voting materials will be available.