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Providing information regarding changes in the information included in the Population Register, which were made by foreign authorities

In accordance with Section 15 of the Population Register Law and Cabinet Regulation No. 131 “Procedures for Updating the Information Included in the Population Register” a citizen of Latvia, a non-citizen of Latvia, a person who has received a residence permit, registration certificate or permanent residence card in Latvia, shall have a duty to provide the information to the Office regarding changes in the information included in the Population Register about him/her, his/her minor children and persons, being under his/her custody or guardianship, which were made by foreign authorities (for example, entering into marriage, dissolution of marriage, change of the given name or surname; birth of a child etc.)

! A minor child in the age between 15 and 18 years and a person with limited legal capacity shall have the right to provide to the Office information regarding changes included in the Population Register about him/her which were made by foreign authorities.

! Information shall be provided within 30 days after the change of information included in the Population Register or afterwards, when the person has become aware of the relevant information.

Necessary documents:

  1. a personal identity document (a passport or personal identity card);
  2. a document certifying the fact registered by the foreign authority.

Upon informing about marriage, copy of personal identity document of spouse shall be submitted.

Upon informing about birth of a child, copy of personal identity document of child shall be submitted (if any).

The document issued by a foreign authority shall be translated into Latvian (except if the document is in English, German, French or Russian and it is submitted to the diplomatic or consular representative office of Latvia abroad or is sent via mail from abroad) and legalised in accordance with the procedures prescribed by regulatory enactments.

Legalisation shall not be required for the document, issued by the countries of the European Union, European Economic Area or public documents issued by the Swiss Confederation that  are provided for use in Latvia.

Information about legalization of documents is available here:

Where to submit documents?

Where to obtain additional information?

In case of any questions or concerns please write an e-mail:  or call the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs during the working days from 8.00 – 12.00 and 12.30 – 16.30 on +371 67219264, +371 67219010.

In case of failure to provide information in a timely manner the Latvian Administrative Violations Code  (Section 190.³) provides for administrative liability.


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