A citizen of the European Union and a member of his or her family may submit documents for requesting a document proving the right of residence:

  • persons who located in Latvia:
  1. submit electronically, confirming each document with a secure electronic signature; 
  2. or send by post in an ordinary, unrecorded item, indicating in the application documents e-mail address and telephone number for communication;
  • persons who residing outside Latvia may submit documents for the first request for a permit to the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia abroad.

The documents for applying for a registration certificate, permanent residence permit, residence permit or permanent residence permit shall be submitted by the Union citizen and his / her family member to the Office in person.

Instead of a minor, the relevant documents may be submitted by that person's legal representative.

If the purpose of residence of a Union citizen or his or her family member is related to employment, provision of services or acquisition of education in the Republic of Latvia, documents may also be submitted to the OCMA by an authorized representative of the employer, recipient or educational institution.

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