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Receiving restrictions

The real estate owner or his or her authorised person may request and receive, free of charge, in writing the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) the current information included in the Register of Natural Persons concerning persons who have declared or registered a place of residence in their ownership or the number of such persons. If it is not possible to receive information from the State Unified computerised Land Register regarding the owner of immovable property, it is necessary to present a document certifying ownership.
The e-service “Person declared in My Property” shall only provide information regarding immovable properties for which information is included in the Land Registers and only for those persons who have been declared or registered in that property at the time of use of the e-service. Information regarding the persons declared and registered shall be provided from the Register of Natural Persons in such amount - name (given name), surname, personal identity number and date of declaration.

Process description

  1. Electronically
    The information obtained in the e-service is not intended for use as a statement. During the execution of the service, details are provided from: 1. The State Unified computerised Land Registers of the Judicial Administration regarding the properties registered by the user and their addresses; 2. The State Land Service Real Estate Cadastre Information System and the State Address Register regarding the addresses of the cadastre objects in the composition of the property; 3. PMLP Register of Natural Persons for Persons with Effective Registration in the Ownership of the User at the time of use of the Service.

  2. Service requests
    Information can now be requested in any territorial section of the PMLP remotely:
    - by post;
    - sending a free form application signed with a secure electronic signature to the e-mail address or the e-mail address of any territorial division;
    - electronically using official electronic eAdresi.

  3. Receipt of services
    The service is received according to the choice of the requester.
    The receipt of information shall be free of charge either on-site or electronically. For receiving messages electronically, you must choose a safe way to receive restricted accessibility information, via e-mail, using a special software for encrypting data (PGP or GPG key pair) or eAdresse activated on the portal.
    For the sending of messages in paper form in the form of a recorded mailing, the fees of the PMLP fee service and the VAS Latvijas Pasta will have to be paid.