You can pay for OCMA services:

  • with payment cards (VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, Master) in any territorial division;

When paying with payment cards, the commission fee is covered by the Treasury from the state budget funds.

  • By wire transfer, using the services of credit institutions.

State fee accounts in the Treasury:

  • LV70TREL1060140918100 - fee for issuing passports;

  • LV86TREL1060140918200 - fee for the issuance of identity cards;

  • LV05TREL1060140918300 - fee for the provision of information from the Population Register;

  • LV37TREL1060140918500 - a fee for the examination of documents required for the application for a visa or residence permit or the status of a permanent resident of the European Community in the Republic of Latvia, and related services;

  • LV19TREL1060140919600 - fee for the submission of a naturalisation application;

  • LV53TREL1060140918600 - fee for the report on the declared place of residence;

  • LV35TREL1060140919700 - fee for documenting the renunciation of Latvian citizenship and the renewal of citizenship;

  • LV14TREL1060141019600 - fines imposed by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Please, specify in the payment order:

Receiver: Treasury (Valsts kase)

Registration No. 90000050138

Receiving authority: Treasury (Valsts kase), code TRELLV22

Account No. LVxxTRELxxxxxxxxxxxxx (respective account)

Additional details: xxxxxxx (When making a transfer, the name and surname of the person for whom the state fee is paid must also be indicated in the payment order.)

Account for paid services:

Receiver: Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

Reg. No. 90000054163

Account No. LV74TREL2140093025000

Receiving authority: Treasury (Valsts kase), code TRELLV22


Payment of the state fee for the issuance of a passport or identity card (eID) shall be made after the application has been submitted to the Board!

If you pay for the service by transfer in a credit institution or Internet bank, please note that payment processing may take several days. If the payment has not yet arrived at the Treasury, OCMA is not entitled to provide the requested service!

Internet bank printouts, payment orders approved by banks, and other payment documents are not considered proof that the service has been paid for. 

When applying for services in an expedited manner (preparation of statements, expedited processing of passports and eIDs, etc.), we recommend paying for the service at the OCMA division with a payment card.