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If a person, while being abroad, encounters with passport or personal certificate (eID) problems, he or she must go to the nearest consular or diplomatic service of the Republic of Latvia.

If you have lost your personal certificate or it has been and it includes all the certificates activated upon your request, you must immediately contact the help desk of a reliable certification service provider JSC “Latvia State Radio and Television Centre” (LVRTC) by the number 67018989 or the informative phone of the OCMA 8300 and ask to cease the functioning of the certificates. In order to verify your identity, the help desk operator will ask the secret question that you have indicated, when processing the application for issuance of a personal certificate.

You should act similarly if you have reasonable doubts that your personal certificate is at another person’s disposal and the data of creating the electronic signature have been used without your knowledge.

You can ask for renewal of the ceased certificates only with you being present at the division of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs or the diplomatic service of the Republic of Latvia in foreign countries.

If the passport or personal certificate is lost, stolen or damaged, and the person does not have a valid document in order to return to Latvia, a return card is issued at the service of the Republic of Latvia in foreign countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues the return cards. The information in Latvia can be obtained at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (phone no. 67016364).

After returning back to Latvia, the return card must be immediately submitted to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

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