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What is a travel document? 
A travel document is a personal identification document, which entitles its holder to reside in the territory of Latvia, cross the border of Latvia and return to the territory of Latvia. 

What is the validity period of the travel document? 
The travel document is issued for 5 years. 

How and where the travel document can be obtained? 
The travel document is issued by the Refugee Affairs Department of the OCMA after granting the alternative status to a person. This document is issued to persons who have been granted the alternative status according to Asylum Law and who have no valid travel document issued by their country of citizenship and it is impossible to receive it. 

Documents to be submitted. 

What to do if the travel document is lost? 
It the travel document has been lost or has become inappropriate for further usage, a person shall apply to the Refugee Affairs Department of the OCMA. 

What is the rate of the state fee for the issuance of the travel document? 
The state fee on the issuance of the travel document shall be paid in the amount established by the Cabinet of Ministers. 

Before going abroad, holders of the refugee’s travel document must learn about the immigration rules applying to holders of such documents of visiting country.

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