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What is a service passport and to whom it is issued? 
The service passport of the Republic of Latvia is a travel document proving that its holder has high position in the government or in the diplomatic or consular service and is travelling abroad to carry out activities at the request of state institutions of the Republic of Latvia.

Persons, to whom the service passports are issued, and the issue procedure is provided by the Cabinet of Ministers.

For what period is the service passport issued? 
The service passport is issued for a period which is one year longer than the term for which a person is appointed to the position giving the right to receive the service passport, but no less than for two years and no longer than for ten years.

How and where to obtain the service passport? 
The service passports are issued and exchanged at theConsular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within three days from the submission of all the necessary documents.

The service passport is not allowed to use during trips abroad, which are not related to activities requested by the state institutions of the Republic of Latvia. If the legal basis for the usage of the service passport is no longer existing, person must return the passport to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within 14 days.

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