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OCMA suspends accepting documents in person for requesting visas or residence permits

Foreigners, whose period of legal stay in the Republic of Latvia will end during the state of emergency, will be able to leave the Republic of Latvia without any obstacles after the state of emergency is lifted.

Invitations and Sponsorships

Submission of invitation or sponsorship applications is allowed only electronically:

1)      By sending an application and relevant linked documents electronically, signed with a secure electronic signature;

2)      By using an e-service “Approval of invitation or sponsorship for requesting visa or residence permit in the Republic of Latvia”  via

Residence permits

Foreigners, who currently are in Latvia and wish to apply for the first or repeated residence permit or to register a residence permit, may

1) submit documents for requesting the permit electronically, signed with a secure electronic signature or

2) send documents for requesting the permit via mail (as ordinary postal items)

- including the applicant’s email address and phone number for further communication;

- paying the state fee for examining the application before sending the application.

Payment details for the fee:

Beneficiary: Valsts kase
Reg. no. 90000050138
Beneficiary institution: Valsts kase, kods TRELLV22
Account no. LV37TREL1060140918500
Payment aim: “MK noteikumi Nr.557  and the name and surname of the person, for which the payment of the is made.

Additional information on the amount of the state fee can be found HERE

Those foreigners who currently are located outside Latvia and wish to apply for a repeat residence permit or to register a residence permit, may follow the procedure described above. Applications for a first residence permit from those foreigners who are currently in a foreign country, are not accepted.

If a positive decision is taken regarding issuing a residence permit, the document certifying the right of residence can be received in person. The time of appointment must be agreed upon before.


Due to the spread of the COVID-19, applications for both short-term and long-term visas, linked to the need to extend the period of stay in the Republic of Latvia, are not accepted.

If foreigner’ s planned stay in Latvia is related to work of studies, the application for a long-term visa can be submitted by mail (as ordinary postal item).

For additional information, please use e-mail

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