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Pilsonības un Migrācijas Lietu Pārvalde
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Public Treasury accounts for state fees:

  • LV70TREL1060140918100 – state duty for issuance of passport;
  • LV86TREL1060140918200  state duty for issuance of personal identity documents;
  • LV37TREL1060140918500 – state duty for issuance of documents at OCMA,
  • LV19TREL1060140919600 – state duty for submission of a naturalization application,
  • LV35TREL1060140919700 – state duty for renunciation or restoration of the citizenship of Latvia,
  • LV14TREL1060141019600 account for payment of a fine imposed by the OCMA. 

The following must be indicated in the payment order:

Beneficiary: Valsts Kase (Public Treasury) 
Reg. No. 90000050138 
Account No. LVxxTRELxxxxxxxxxxxxx (account for the respective fee) 
Beneficiary Institution: Latvijas Banka, code TRELLV22

Paid services accounts:

Beneficiary: Pilsonības un Migrācijas Lietu Pārvalde (Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs) 
Reg. No. 90000054163 
Account No. LV74TREL2140093025000 
Beneficiary Institution: Valsts kase, code TRELLV22 

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