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A foreigner is entitled apply for a visa if he / she has adequate financial resources (to be sufficient for all the time staying in Latvia and to cover return expenses (or exit to third country)):

  • the daily allowance shall be 10 lats if an inviter provides a foreigner with a place of stay which does not require additional financing (e.g. foreigner will stay at the inviter’s apartment / house);
  • if the stay of a foreigner has been provided in a reserved tourist lodging (e.g., hotel), financial resources for the place of stay shall conform to the rates of the reserved tourist accommodation taking into account that the total amount of the daily allowance and charge for the place of stay is not less that 30 lats per day.

If an inviter has decided to cover all expenses (and it is registered in the database of invitations) upon requesting a visa the alien shall not be required to submit documents attesting that he or she has adequate financial resources.

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