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The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs issues data included in the Register:


  • In writing;
  • By using e-services;
  • By using electronic data carriers; 
  • By using on-line data transmission. 


The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs issues data included in the Register, which is prepared in writing, on the basis of a written request, within the following deadlines: 


  • About one or two individuals in paper form: within five (5) days or 1 working day (higher rate of the state duty);
  • About one or two individuals in electronic form, signed with secure electronic signature: within 3 working days; 
  • About a group of individuals: within 10 working days; 
  • If special methods of data preparation are required for preparation of data: within 20 working days. 


Natural persons and legal entities can receive data from the Register about another individualon the basis of a motivated application

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs gives a written motivated answer to an application in case of rejection to issue data included in the Register. 

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs issues data included in the Register, which is prepared on the basis of a written agreement, if: 


  • Data is issued on a regular basis;
  • Data is issued in large volume; 
  • Special data preparation methods are applied for preparation of such data; 
  • Data is issued by the use of on-line data transmission. 


When concluding a written agreement, volume of data to be issued shall be determined, as well as purpose of using the data and the procedure in accordance with which the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs shall verify the use of provided data. 

Government bodies and public administration institutions, local governments and their agencies, organizations and companies to which the functions of public administration are delegated, as well as courts and the prosecutor’s office have the right to receive data from the Register according to competence of such institutions. 

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs issues data of the Register to governments of foreign states, as well as international governmental organisations and non-governmentalorganizations according to international agreements concluded with the Republic of Latvia or, in special cases when such agreements have not been concluded, in accordance with procedure mutually co-ordinated between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Interior. 

In accordance with Section 13 of the Law on Declaration of Place of Residence, data about place of residence declared by an individual or additional address to natural persons and legal entities, in accordance with the procedure provided for by the Minister of Cabinets, may be issued also by an institution which has on-line data transmission with the Population Register. 

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