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Extension of the period of validity and/or the duration of stay of an issued visa

The authority competent to extend a Schengen visa and to extend the duration of stay of a D-type visa is the OCMA – a visa holder shall submit all documents at the regional offices of the OCMA or, if in Riga, only at the Riga 1st Division.

  • Extension of the Schengen C type visa:

-   A visa shall be extended where the competent authority considers that a visa holder has provided proof of force majeure or humanitarian reasons preventing him from leaving the territory of Latvia (and other Schengen Member States) before the expiry of the period of validity of the visa. Such an extension shall be granted free of charge.

-   A visa may be extended if the visa holder provides proof of serious personal reasons justifying the extension. For such an extension a fee of EUR 30 shall be charged.

!!! Generally, the extension of a C visa should not result in a total stay going beyond 90 days in a 180 days period.

  • Extension of the national D type visa (Long-stay visa):

-   The duration of stay for foreigner who legally stays in Latvia D visa can be extended only in the cases if a foreigner submits documents proving that the reception of new visa is:

  • in accordance with international laws;
  • in accordance with the state interests ofLatvia;
  • is justified by force majeure;
  • is justified by humanitarian considerations.

Documents required for a visa application.

The decision on visa extension/issuance of new visa is made upon evaluating the current situation as verified by the documents presented.

A foreigner submits the required documents no later than three working days before the expiry of the previous visa.


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