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Latvians and Livs are persons who:

1)      Have an ancestor which in 1881 or later until 17 June 1940 lived in the territory of Latvia (territory as at 17 June 1940);

2)      Belong to the nation state (an applicant is either Latvian or Liv);

3)      Have fluency in the Latvian language (completely understand daily and official information, are able to freely speak, communicate, answer to questions on common topics).

Their descendants under the age of 15 may concurrently acquire citizenship of Latvia.

In case of registration Latvian citizenship, Latvians and Livs can retain their current citizenship.

Pursuant to Paragraph one, Clause 3 of Article 2 of the Citizenship Law, a procedure under which the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs accepts and examines applications and registers a person as a citizen of Latvia is established by Cabinet Regulation of 2013 Procedure for Registering a Person as a Citizen of Latvia.

Necessary documents:

   In order to acquire citizenship of Latvia the following documents should be submitted:

1)      An application for recognition as a citizen of Latvia (- application in MS Word format, application on behalf of a child under the age of 15 in MS Word format) providing:

-        Applicant’s name and surname in the Latvian language and date of birth or identity number (if any);

In case of uncertainty as to the reproduction of a personal name in the Latvian language, please contact the Latvian Language Agency by telephone – (+371) 67225879 or e-mail,, e:mail:

-        Place of residence (preferably in block letters);

-        Contact information (e-mail, telephone number, if any).

2)      A personal identification document (passport, identification card);

3)      A document confirming birth (a birth certificate or an extract from the Birth Register);

4)      A document confirming marital status (a marriage certificate, a document regarding dissolution of marriage or a death certificate of the spouse);

5)      A document confirming the birth of a child;

6)      Documents confirming the right to acquire citizenship of Latvia;

Documents of civil registration records should be translated into the official language (except for the case when the document is in English, German, French or Russian and submitted to an embassy or sent by post from abroad) and legalised under a procedure established by law.

! Legalisation of the document is not required for public documents issued in Member States of the European Union, Member States of the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation and intended for use in Latvia. This also applies to the countries Latvia has concluded bilateral agreements with on legal assistance and legal relations in civil, family and criminal cases, namely Belarus, Kirghizstan, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. Information about the legalisation of documents may be found at

Where to submit documents?

Documents may be submitted:

1)      To the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in person;

2)      By post to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (Čiekurkalna 1. līnija 1, korp. 3, Rīga, LV-1026) or electronically under a procedure established by law;

3)      To the Diplomatic and Consular Representation of Latvia.

! When sending documents by post, copies of the documents should be certified by a notary, except for a copy of the personal identification document.

How long does the examination of submitted documents take?

A decision on granting citizenship or refusal to grant citizenship is taken within one year from the day the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs receives all the necessary documents.

Where to receive additional information?

In case of any questions or concerns please call the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs on 67219289, 67219485 or 67219116 or write an e-mail:

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